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The Event Room is in the rear of the Twisted Spike brewing Co. Taproom. The 10o0 sq. ft. room is perfect for hosting small to medium size events. The room can accommodate 65 seated guests or 75 standing guests as well.

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“Twisted Spike Brewing Company is a dream come true.”

I started home brewing in 1992. In 1992, the Oklahoma beer landscape included only the fizzy yellow types. To make things even worse, Oklahoma’s 3.2% alcohol beers provided little in terms of flavor or different styles. Like most beginning homebrewers, I was introduced to homebrewing from my good friend Bill Junk. Bill had made a batch of home brewed beer from a packaged kit. The home brewed kit beer tasted better than anything I had ever bought.

At the time, there was only one homebrew supply store in the Oklahoma City area. Almost immediately, I purchased a copy of Charlie Papazian’s, Joy Of Homebrewing. For the next few years, I made beers on the kitchen stove, much to the displeasure of my wife, Donna. Brew days were coordinated when Donna, who is not a fan of the aroma of boiling hops (or stove top boil overs), was out of the house for a while. After a few years, bottling gave way to a Cornelius keg and a picnic tap placed in a not-so-reconditioned Coke machine.

With the homebrew bug securely rooted, my focus moved towards learning and mastering each step in the brewing process. I began to learn the effects of all of the different malts, hops and yeasts. I literally went step-by-step through Charlie’s book. I quickly moved from beginner kits to intermediate brewing. By steeping grains and doing partial mashes I learned a lot about grains. With each process addition my beers were getting better and better. With a low budget for beer, I slowly acquired the equipment or built what I needed for a 5 gallon all grain batch. I pieced together a 3-tier gravity system with reused 1”x6”s, an old cooler and a 7 gallon turkey fryer kit. All-grain brewing made remarkable improvements to my beers and I started developing my own recipes.

I have a passion for great beer. As an electrical engineer for the FAA, I have traveled across the country experiencing the craft beer revolution first hand. As a local Beer Evangelist, I have helped dozens of friends start home brewing and have introduced them to a wide variety of beers. As a home brewer, over the past 23 years, I have developed many local and national award winning beers. In 2014, I was a technical contributor the University of Oklahoma’s, The Chemistry of Beer course.

In 2014, I received a Silver Medal in The National Homebrewers Competition (NHC) for my Cherry Grand Cru. The NHC is the largest home brewing competition in the world. In 2014 there were 8,172 beer entries in 27 in categories. Over the past 5 years I have had six beers finish in the top 3 places at NHC Regionals. In 2012, I partnered with COOP Aleworks to enter my Gold Medal winning Dirty Blonde Sanchez in the 2012 Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am competition.

The Twisted Spike beer profile will include all of my award winning.

  • 2015 National Homebrew Competition (Regional) – 3rd Place – Sour Gueuze.
  • 2015 OKC Mashed-In Home Brewer’s Showcase – Best of Show & 1st Place – Coffee Vanilla Porter
  • 2014 National Homebrew Competition (National) – Silver Medal – Cherry Grand Cru
  • 2014 National Homebrew Competition (Regional) – 1st Place – Cherry Grand Cru
  • 2014 Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM) – 2nd Place Best of Show & Gold Medal – Cherry Grand Cru
  • 2012 Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am Competition partner with COOP Aleworks, OKC – Belgian Blonde.
  • 2012 Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM) – Gold Medal – Belgian Blonde
  • 2012 Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM) – Bronze Medal – Imperial India Pale Ale
  • 2009 National Homebrew Competition (Regional) – 3rd Place – Belgian Blonde with Golden Raisins.
  • 2008 National Homebrew Competition (National) – Mini Best of Show – Belgian Blonde.
  • 2008 National Homebrew Competition (Regional) – 1st Place – Belgian Blonde.
  • 2008 National Homebrew Competition (Regional) – 3rd Place – Belgian Specialty

Bruce Sanchez

Brew Master